Flat Up Cup

My current project is the Flat Up Cup. A brand new twist on portable.

Biker Mice From Mars

I directed entire Biker Mice From Mars line of over 40 SKU’s.

Disney Preschool

I designed and sculpted these Disney Preschool figures.


I directed the Z-Bots line of over 100 SKU’s.


I developed the toy RC version of the Tesla Sportster.

Masters of The Universe

I was a designer for the original Masters of the Universe line.

Moon Sand

I generated concept ideation for playsets for the Spin Mastes Moon Sand product.

How To Train Your Dragon

I designed and prototyped flying dragon toys for the Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon license.

Paper Galleon

I designed this paper Galleon kit. Easy no-glue assembly from die cut sheet.

Passive Solar House

I designed and built a passive solar home.


I invented this patented mechanism that allowed for movements and effects to be triggered only if puffed on lightly with air.

Raygun Gothic Rocketship

I am a member of the Five Ton Crane artists collective. We make really big elaborate sculptures.

Storm Hawks

I invented and developed several flying/ transforming toys for the Storm Hawks animation license.

Snap Wing

I designed, prototyped and patented this toy backpack that instantly pops out into working glider wings.

IR Random

I designed and prototyped a random movement infrared target bot for SpinMaster.

Don Quixote

I designed and built equine head costumes for a theatrical production of Don Quixote.