Cardboard Heroes Castles is a reconfigurable game board system for Dungeons and Dragons. It all easily folds down flat for storage and transport. Licensed to Steve Jackson Games.

Cold Flame

Cold Flame is a totally safe smoke and flame effect using tiny amounts of water and a nebulizer.  licensed to Mega Brands for use on two different products.

Computer Warriors

Computer Warriors: an entire property, complete with male action figure line with figures, vehicles, playlets, and animated episode. Licensed to Mattel.

Dino Vision

Dino Vision: a lens system that allowes a scaled full depth of field view from the point of view of the figure. Licensed to Mattel for use in their Extreme Dinosaurs line.

Loop Koosh

Loop Koosh: a patented catching system for soft loop Koosh balls. Licensed to Oddz On. it was popular with both preschool kids, and 20 year olds.

Muscle Flex

Muscle Flex: a patented mechanism that gives an amazing muscle transformation.  licensed to Mattel and later to Jakks Pacific.


Regener8rs: a patented, licensed vehicle concept that allowed one vehicle to transform into 8 different versions. I also designed and developed about 40 different vehicles within this line as well.

X-Ploding FX

X-Ploding FX:  licensed to Mattel for use on their Maxx Steel Psyco cyborg figure. Push a chest button and his head explodes. Push it back down to form into his head again.


Z-hicles: licensed to Maisto. A line of die cast vehicles that transform from earth vehicles into alien space ships, with alien drivers. I also designed and developed the 12 vehicles for Maisto, with 6 design patents.